Episodes | Making Our Home For Faith

No matter what it looks like or who lives there, home is a place where we should feel safe and loved. Where we talk about God, learn about God’s story and discover how we can play our part in it to impact the world around us. Making our home for faith — a place where God is present, loved, and celebrated — takes practice. Every prayer, every moment of quiet gratitude, and every kind word strengthens our faith, our hearts, and our home.
This season on Making Our Home For Faith, the podcast, we’re working the spiritual practice of Compline, prayers we say at bedtime. Each episode features a different family sharing the peace and beauty of this ancient practice with you.
Listen to it around the table when you’re coloring or playing with LEGOs. Or pile together in your pajamas in the bed. It doesn’t matter how or where you do it, as long as you open your hearts and homes to this family’s prayers.
So, grab your Book of Common Prayer, turn to page 127 to follow along, or go to the Cathedral
website and use the "Making Our Home for Faith" button on the homepage.
May your home be blessed and strengthened this evening as we Make Our Home For Faith together.